Niche Flipper Review - Is It Another Scam?

the niche flipper system overview...

Niche Flipper is a complete system to become a niche product vendor. I take you by the hand in 10 HD videos that teach you my core stratagies of product creation to build a vendors website that affiliates love to promote. Plus I provide you with my complete cut and paste blue print to sell your niche website for every red cent you deserve once your ready to let it go or want to fund new projects.
And Those videos are…

Landing Page Under The Microscope:

I rip apart my $1,000,000 + Affiliate landing page formula and teach you fundamentals and advanced tactics of what makes a successful landing page. This is real world information of design and copy sewn that I've mastered over the years and has NEVER seen the light of day. You can start applying this today and start seeing results fast!

Affiliate Machine – How to Get Affiliates To Promote Your Product:

In this video I’ll take you by the hand and show you why affiliates run to promote my products instead of the competitions. I break down the essentials tools your vendors website must have in order for affiliates to be successful and promote your product. I can assure you its not what you think...

The Magic Of Conquering a New Niche:

In this video. I’ll show you a real time niche I’m in the process of conquering. I take you by the hand show you all the weak spots I’ve uncovered in the market and show you why other vendors that recently jumped in to profit from in this niche are failing to take it over. I leave nothing out and show you my complete and proven plan of attack IN ACTION!

Market Research :

There’s everyone else’s way of confusing Market Research then there is the Niche Flipper way. I show you how to quickly and effectively do your entire market research in just a few short hours and how to extract every convincing point to craft powerful copy that does one thing... CONVERT!

Video 101 – No Video = Fail:

In this Lesson I’ll show you the different trends in video styles marketers are using. I'll show you what videos I spent thousand of dollars on that flopped and what videos I spent $ZERO dollars that have made me a small fortune. This new Ineffective video marketing styles are the dirty little secret you wont hear any Internet marketer talk about…

Selecting Your Niche:

In this video I’ll take you back in time and show you my thought process of a niche I conquered that only cost me a few hundred dollars to make and earned me well over $300,000 in a two year period. I’ll show you the weaknesses I spotted in other vendors websites and what data I looked at in order to determine whether I was going to jump in head first.

Outsourcing – Building Your Team:

With over 10 years of outsourcing experience for various types of e-businesses and over $1,000,000 worth of work contracted. I believe I can teach you a little bit on how to build an effective team that doesn't break the bank so you may leverage your workload and can concentrate on the things that make you money. In this video I’ll give you a sneak peak at one of my $100,000+ accounts on elance and show you how I hire new trust worthy and knowledgeable talent at deeply discounted prices to build out parts in new niche business I’m in the process of conquering.

PPC Domination – Testing Our Market:

Are you ready to see a bullet proof way to test a niches profitability without wasting months or a ton of cash building your niche website only to be disappointed by the lack traffic you can convert? I’ll show you how to test a new niche your interested conquering in just a few short days without breaking the bank. I never enter a new niche without testing the waters with this method and after you learn it neither will you.

How Will Niche Flipper Be Delivered?

Niche Flipper is delivered in the form of a vBook with integrated videos that your customers can stream directly on their PC. This is a whole new way of learning that I guarantee you haven’t seen anywhere else.
Aside from the vBook. I’ve also built a member’s area that customers can login to and stream the videos in complete HD 1080P Just in case they want to watch them on their TV or something.
The vBook is compatible across Tablets, Phablets and Smart Phones, which means they can take their Niche Flipper Training on the GO! Now lets jump into how much you can earn...


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